Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sweet Stetson and Skyland

Yesterday, as a safety volunteer, I hung out with a CHP officer who assisted me with directing traffic and cyclists who were doing the club's Tierra Bella.  He was fond of saying to me,  "Yes Ma'am".  Naturally this tickled me to no end.  It was a tricky intersection for everyone so having the officer was greatly appreciated.  A lot of effort goes into making this ride a lovely way to celebrate spring and early reports tell us that cyclists agreed.  Here are photos of the annual event. 

Meanwhile, today, I decided to do Marci's club ride because the route involved two roads I've not done before.  Another chance to see the world.  Above is a shot from Wright's Station at Summit Road.

After climbing Old Santa Cruz Highway and dipping down into Wright's Station, we continued along Summit to San Jose-Soquel Road and turned onto Stetson.  That's me at the Skyland Community Church on Stetson.  Obviously that's not the church, which by the way was built in 1891.  We had a brief conversation with the minister who welcomed us and said we could use the facilities if we wanted.  Stetson is a peaceful shaded climb in the woods.  Skyland, another new road for me to experience, was a pleasant descent.  Miss P was also along for the ride.  Our route was slightly altered, causing some confusion, but, in the end, a nice time had by all, I believe.

Just the Stats:

27.89 miles
29 mph descending
9.7 mph avg

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