Sunday, June 30, 2013

Escape from the Heat

What better way to escape the heat than a trip to San Francisco Saturday.  While The BF was there to do something related to work, I was there to do something related to fun, including flirting with firemen at the station around the corner from where The BF was situated.  How lucky is that!  Time to amuse myself ....  The BF is not amused.  (the photo is of the Federal Reserve Bank).

Oh oh, I'm in trouble....

Taking a break from flirting, I took in a sight or two.   Never gets old.  The scenery nor the flirting.

 Oh on, I'm in trouble....

Ah, a tribute to me. 

Oh oh, I'm in trouble.  The BF did some very nice things and I forgot all about my city wanderings, flirting and firemen.  Well, at least for today, that is.

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