Sunday, June 30, 2013

Peaked on Fremont Peak

I could have lounged all day at my pool, sipping alcoholic beverages with umbrellas served by a pool boy, but, noooo, The BF thought a climb up Fremont Peak in San Juan Bautista would hit the spot.  Really Mister?  You think this is romantic?

After a fairly fast start, I wilted.  But I made it up.  Eventually.  Naturally, The BF, a born stud, was not affected by the heat.

We then proceeded to do Salinas Road, an offshoot from Fremont Peak.  The road surface sucks at the beginning but this 16 mile jaunt is worth it.  I only did half of it.  Remember I wilted.  Naturally, The Stud, my hero, aka The BF did it all.  The pizza joint next to the WindMill Market hit the spot afterwards. 

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Stephen C. Gruber said...

Congratulations on completing a difficult ride on a hot day!