Sunday, June 23, 2013

Got Goat?

With the odd weather that has settled in, what better way than to spend the day on a leisurely drive with a friend to Pescadero to visit my favorite goat farm, Harley Farms, okay, the only one I know, but have wanted to visit forever having biked past it a number of times.

Two guys shooting the breeze.  Wonder what they're talking about.  Odd creatures for sure but beautiful.  Check out this hilarious video about these alpine goats.

Fresh chevre.  Delicious.  We sampled everything including the fromage blanc and ricotta and tested the goat's milk lotion which was was soothing.  Popped over to the thriving metropolis down the road, where we sampled flavored honey at an outdoor market on Stage Road.   Next, a quick stop into Arcangeli's for just out of the oven warm bread with artichoke.   I think my senses have been saturated with happiness today.

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