Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lovely Lobitos Creek

After our sweatfest climbing Kings Mountain, we descended Tunitas Creek to the Bike Hut.  Lots of cyclists on Tunitas Creek; felt like a traffic jam.  We had goose bumps because the temperature dropped from 90+ to coastal breeze.  I was shivering for a short while. 

11 people turned out for this club ride.  Lots of laughter along the way.  And a new road for me to explore to my delight -- Lobitos Creek.  Loved it.

 More of Lobitos, oh no, and more climbing.  It meets up with Tunitas Creek and of course, more climbing.  And more sweating.  My hair was drenched.  I met two guys, no you say, towards the end of Tunitas Creek and we raced off into the sunset.  Okay, not really, the part about the sunset.  It was pretty warm descending Kings Mountain.  I sweated so much on this ride that I think I ought to be done with hot flashes....

Just the Stats:

33 miles
~4200 feet total climbing
9.2 avg mph
27 mph descending somewhere
3 hr 32 min

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