Saturday, February 1, 2014

Round Up the Usual Suspects

With The BF away on the East Coast for several months, Miss P ill, and others off elsewhere, I found myself alone, wondering what mischief I might achieve.  There was frost on the carport. I contemplated staying in bed with my favorite bonbons.  I bid adieu to the thought of the 9am club ride as I had no desire to bike in 48 degree temperature.  The photo above is of Mt. Um.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

I am a 50 year old wuss who doesn't like cold weather.  Which reminds me. Earlier in the week, I ran into a club member.  We got to chatting.

Me:  I turned 50 earlier this month.
He:  You don't look a day over 35.  Have you lost weight, too?
Me:  Remind me to tell The BF.
He:   A woman like you, I am surprised that you don't have several men in your life.
Me:  Keep it coming Mister.

Ah, a fellow flirter.  How delightful.  Now, where was I.  Oh yes, back to this morning.  Around noon, I decided to check out the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.

Driving up Hicks, as my car strained, I appreciated how nasty a climb it is for cyclists.  I think I saw Dr. G. flying down but I'm not sure.  I did an out and back hike, with some running as well, managing 5.4 miles and 1100 feet elevation change in 1 hr 35 minutes.  The trail is quite wide with some nice views.  Above, way in the distance is Mt. Hamilton.  Glad I wore wool for the shaded parts of the hike.  I enjoyed myself.

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