Saturday, February 22, 2014

To the Villa that was Hidden

We found the parking lot.  We found the restrooms.  The slimy black snake with red tail found us.  But we couldn't find the start of the trailhead for our adventure at the gorgeous Hidden Villa.  So, we came up with Plan B -- the trail we did stumble upon named Long Bunny Loop.  Where were the bunnies, I ask you.  I kept my eyes peeled for Peter Cotton Tail, Roger Rabbit, the White Rabbit, the Easter Bunny and Bugs Bunny of course.  No such luck.  Loved the sheep with thick winter wool coat (had to plunge my finger deep into his coat to reach his skin).  Can we just say right now that his hanging private parts were weird.  While I was petting him, he decided to poo.  I wish I had taken more photos to capture the beauty of this preserve but I was too busy giggling.  Til our next hiking adventure!

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