Sunday, February 23, 2014

An Artist is Born

My first ever Paint Nite!  The painting I selected to reproduce -- a Tuscany landscape.  Could I do it?  Well, thanks to Barmaid Sarah at the Bamboo Lounge ... oh, I get ahead of myself.

Portrait of an Artist, blank slate.  This ought to hang in a gallery ....

The Artist begins her creation.  Looking pretty darn awful already ... but wait, thanks to Barmaid Sarah....

The Artist hard at work.

Please, please, no applause, we're not done yet.  Notice the empty wine glass.  Yoo hoo, barmaid Sarah, the Artist needs nourishment.

Ah, satisfaction, 2 1/2 hrs. later.  Though, of course, one is never done creating.  R and I learned a lot about ourselves from this exercise. 

My Tuscany landscape masterpiece.  Any imperfections are naturally attributed to the barmaid Sarah.  :)