Saturday, February 8, 2014

Save It For a Rainy Day

First challenge of the day for this year's Low-Key Mega-Monster Enduro -- Would we need to contact Crowd Control to contain the lone spectator viewing the cycling event of the season?

Second bet:  Would volunteer turnout exceed registered participant for the Enduro?
Third bet:  Would the weather hold?

The gloomy forecast was not inviting but the Enduro was on and in fact, it barely rained.  However, we had strong headwinds for the 36 cyclists who braved the conditions, and yes, they clearly outnumbered the volunteers!  No doubt many remember the stormy weather from two years ago and it is a rather long commute, so, understandably people decided to forgo said cycling event of the season.

A team somewhere on the course.  Go team!  Mr. Bill and I did SAG and took photos.  We both got up rather early and frankly we were a bit brain dead because it took about 45 miles or so for us to realize that if I reclined in my seat, he could get some decent shots of cyclists without my nose in the way.  I believe he may dedicate his forthcoming photo album to my nose.  How delightful.

Fourth bet:  Would the guy on the Hybrid Electric who drove all the way from Portland, OR. beat Mr. Bill's time!  

Mr Kevin of course coming from the East thought the weather to be fabulous, well, perhaps a bit of a stretch.  Our cyclists were real troopers, many opting to do the entire 100 mile course and others like Miss C. proving to herself that she can brave not ideal conditions and get back on the bike and go for it.   Miss P and I already had our fun in the sun (literally) doing much of this course a few weeks ago so we were fine with being volunteers.

Mr. Bill and I amused ourselves in his van, much of which I can not share, oh dear, that sounds naughty.  He gave me a super topographical depiction of the area.  We saw a roadrunner.  OMG, what a treat.  And many magpies near the entrance to the Pinnacles Park.  And from the behind, Mr. N really did look like a baboon's butt.

The staff at the Paicines store was wonderful.  Mr. L was without his dogs at Bittersweet but he managed nicely.  Dan got in a run.  Kevin reminded all who biked around the dinky coffee cup at the turnaround point of the 100 mile that Heaven was in sight.  I think a fun time was had by all despite the lack of sunshine.

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