Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's About Time

Been awhile since I've done a club ride and with Dr. G.  Except Dr. G had a different route in mind. 

Dr G:  We're going to do my route.  You got that matey!
Me:  Aye aye Captain.

Ooh, I do so love a good mutiny.  We set sail while the other cyclists were still drinking their lattes outside the bike shop off Cottle Road.

Our route:  Santa Teresa up Bernal over to Bailey onward to Buffalo Hill, then Uvas, Oak Glen, Willow Springs, Hale, Llagas, Hale again and back to the start. 

I huffed and puffed for the first climb up Bernal.  At the IBM gate where the security guard post is, I had to pee, naturally as discreetly as possible even though there was no guard.  A bunch of male cyclists came through and the guard gate opened for them.  They asked me if I triggered it for them.  Dr. G. quipped that somewhere on the IBM campus, they were shooting video of the scene and of me.

Dr. G. and I had a blast.  The weather was marvelous.  We could see Mt. Um from Bernal and Mt. Ham from Hale in Morgan Hill.  We waved to Miss P. who was somewhere on Mt. Ham today.  The hills have turned green from the little bit of rain we've had.

And given us poppies!  Dr. G. said we best get back because that video that the security guard might have made had probably gone viral ... oh, Dr. G. is too funny.  Don't forget to Spring Forward tonight.

Just the Stats:

39 miles
11.9 avg mph
27 mph on a descent
3 hrs 15 min

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