Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cry Me a River

I ventured out prepared to conquer the wild and windy day.  Towards downtown San Jose I go.

My destination?  In a moment, it's coming.  First though, I biked through the urban jungle, otherwise known as the Guadalupe Trail.  Been awhile since I headed downtown.

Lovely, n'est-ce pas.  One of my favorite scenes.  The trail was flooded and I had to go on the street to get over to the Children's Discovery Museum.   Let's talk about the weather.  Me, I don't do small talk but it's been raining, people, raining in our drought State.

Ah, the beginning.  I don't know why in all the years I've been biking that I have not experienced the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Enter the trail at the Blackford Elementary School on Willow St. in Willow Glen.

Wait, I get ahead of myself.  Momentary distraction on account of the firemen whizzing past me in their fire truck.  While on the Guadalupe Trail in downtown SJ, pass the Children's Discovery Museum and then get on the road (name escapes me -- see above, on account of the firemen...) but it meets up with Willow Street and this beautiful church.  Turn right onto Willow Street until you reach the school for the start of the trail.

Before I knew it, I was saying goodbye to Campbell and biking parallel to Hwy 17.  How exciting.

One of several bridges I would cross on my adventure along the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Water, people, water.  It was ever so wonderful.  And to see puddles on the trail as well.  Occasionally rain spit on me but it was mostly a dry rather balmy ride.

Ooh, I had to rough it.  The trail was flooded.  Ah, it was around here that before my eyes, Adonis appeared.  Wait, wait for it, yes, my jaw dropped, my tongue hung out and panted as the most gorgeous runner ran past me.  The trail can get crowded.  Be prepared to slow down.  Be prepared to just gawk.

I made it to Vasona Lake in Los Gatos.  At this point, I worried about the threatening skies and decided to turn back.  I think I am in love.  With this trail.  My usual Guadalupe Trail to Alviso has met its match.  I rode my Specialized Hybrid for this outing but one can do it on a road bike as well.  Til the next time.

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