Saturday, March 15, 2014

Summit and Plummet

Oh well, oh well, I feel so good today.  We're off to do Mt. Diablo (club ride).

The hills have turned green!  Mr. A almost crashed into me.  I told him there were easier ways to "pick me up."  Like, offer chocolates and diamonds.

Lookey, poppies!  Mr. G. pointed out the sign that said speed limit 20 mph.  Yep, like I'm going to get a ticket for speeding as I climbed Mt. Diablo. 

Sweet victory!  I pedaled the last nasty bit to the summit without much huff or puff. 

Time to plummet!  The brown areas are from last year's fire.  Miss P. chose to ride some more while Mr. G and I decided to return to the start.  Other club members went on to do Clayton and Morgan Territory. 

Up close.  We saw signs of nature on the mend.  A ladybug joined me for much of the ride, resting on my arm.  There were lots of cyclists out today, no wonder, given the warm weather.  I summited.  I plummeted.  And managed 31 miles. 

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