Thursday, March 6, 2014

It was so French

Miss D. had tickets to see Just a Sigh showing at the California Theatre.  This venue is grand, and thankfully rescued years ago.  The movie is part of the lineup for Cinequest 2014, our own film festival now in its 24th year.  Years ago, I was a volunteer, reviewing documentaries.

But first, Miss D and I went to Cafe Stritch for refreshments.  Put Miss D and me together, and we are simply bad.  Fabulous art on the wall.  Or maybe I was the art off the wall.

We loved Cafe Stritch.  I think they loved us too.  I had the vegetarian chili for a whomping $5.  It was delicious.  I think this place used to be Eulipia.   Now, we don't have to go to SF for a happening happy scene.

Back to the main event.  Ah, the theatre.  It rivals Stanford Theatre in its grandeur and beauty.  I thank everyone involved who saved it from destruction.  It houses Opera SJ.

A fixture upon the ceiling.  Splendid.  An elegance to behold.

Ah the movie.  So French, with an ending that left you wondering.  Would the two strangers on a train, who became lovers begin a new life together.  Gabriel Byrne, reminds me of The Boyfriend.  I escorted Mr. Byrne years ago at another Cinequest event.  The story line was not original but the dialogue was, if that makes any sense.  The acting was excellent, and the close ups showing us real life was refreshing. We simply loved it.  It was, so french, in a good way.

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