Saturday, June 14, 2014

Climb after Climb

Miss P and Mr. G planned a big ride for us today in the Santa Cruz Mtns., Soquel, and Scotts Valley, somewhat similar to the Santa Cruz Mtns. Challenge.  I don't think there were enough climbs. NOT.  I was pleasantly surprised -- Mr. DM, our host for the Eastern Sierras September trip joined our club ride. 

Perfect weather and beautiful scenery (okay no firemen showed up) made this club outing simply smashing.  We had redwoods, we had wild turkeys, and a few butterflies here and there.  By the end of the ride, we were drenched in sweat and suntan lotion caked to our skin.  The ride, while challenging, did me good.  After all, without a challenge now and then, life would simply be, dull.  To top it off, The BF, away on another continent, called just as I arrived home. 

Our route included:  Old SC Highway, Soquel SJ, Rodeo Gulch, Mtn View, Branciforte, Granite Creek, Glen Canyon, Bluebonnet, Bean Creek, Glenwood, and Mountain Charlie.  Exhausting but another super ride thanks to Miss P and Mr. G.  We did around 51 miles, and 4600 ft of climbing.

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