Saturday, June 21, 2014

Riding Thom and Hank

For today's club ride, led by Miss P and Mr. G, we climbed Thomas Grade and Henry Coe, or as Mr. G.  likes to call these fellas --Thom and Hank.  I like to call them, Ouch and Ouch. 

There I was, pretending to be Tinker Bell, as I climbed Henry Coe, occasionally imagining I was the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Black Swan, and oh heck, let's just throw in Mary Poppins, too, when a sexy cyclist (are there any other kind in my blog post?) sped past me and said, "Nice bike."  The Boyfriend, unable to join us because he's on a mtn. biking trip, will tell you, "That's code, Missy."  Oooh, flirty, I love a good flirty.

As my pedals churned away, about 1 1/2 miles to the top, I met the sexy cyclist once again as he was coming down.  He said, "Nice job."  Hmm, I had yet to make it to the top. Did I mention that I love a good flirty.  The BF is shaking his head.  I did try to push myself in short spurts as I still feel a bit sluggish.  I forgot about that last nasty bit towards the top.  My heart rate did flutter a bit, maybe on account of said sexy cyclist....

My bike is such a poseur.  28 miles.  Another fun club ride. 

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