Saturday, June 28, 2014

Funny Bunch Farewell Ride

Today's club outing was a farewell ride for a club member off to another part of the country.  How sweet is that!  Miss P and Mr. G were there along with some fellas that I met from last year's Eastern Sierras trip.  It was a funny bunch for sure.   When we got to the picnic area after climbing Croy, one of our cyclists said,  "Where's the beer?"  Before taking some photos, another cyclist said, "Where's my make up man?"  My kind of people!  I, of course, wanted to say, "Where's my gigolo?" 

We did Bailey/Buffalo Hill,Croy,Llagas/Willow Springs and 50 miles.  We encountered headwinds upon the return from Morgan Hill along Hale Avenue.   I managed to finish (of course last) in 4 hr. 30 min.  Yay.  Oh, the photo  -- snapped while climbing Croy.

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