Saturday, February 7, 2015

Some Scenes from Paicines

Miss P and I volunteered for the annual MegaMonster event in Paicines.  The story of the day was whether it'd be a washout due to the much needed rain that came through Friday and Saturday in Northern California. 

The event was a go.  Some riders experienced some mishaps, unfortunately.  What a disappointment for them.  I, clearly, was focused on the beauty of the area, and well, duh, a few of the male cyclists....

For being a volunteer, I received a bottle of Power Gel, tropical flavor, a gel flask, and a copy of The Complete Guide to Climbing, 2nd edition.  Seeing Kevin, Cara, Dan, Bill, Stella, Frank, and being in the company of Miss P and the cyclists though was far more rewarding.   I'd say the cyclists who came out bravely handled the occasional rain shower, and they had fun in the sun, as evidenced by these photos.  Til next year, folks.

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