Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Blue Balls Ride

Been a long time since I've done the Blue Balls ride, aka Donny's Corralitos club ride.  The ride started from Lexington Dam, over to Old Santa Cruz Hwy, Summit Road, down San Jose Soquel, and into Soquel, Aptos, Corralitos and back up Eureka Canyon.  Donny has varied the route a bit and that was a pleasant surprise (White Road). 

Miss P was my companion on this ride and she kept me on my toes.  The Boyfriend did not join us because he was out riding with his new bike buddy.  We shall refer to him as The Other Man

Meanwhile, let's discuss what The Boyfriend missed, shall we, much to my delight. 

Steaming down San Jose Soquel road, my silk scarf blowing wildly along with me, a male cyclist and his team caught up to me and he said, "Love the scarf.  It's pretty."  Note to BF:  That's code for "I'm pretty."  I think I must have been exuding phermones because boy I sure caught the fancy of a few men, cyclists, motorcyclists, etc.

I arrived at the park with the blue balls only to discover that half of our Eastern Sierras gang was also on the ride!  Another thing The BF missed out on.   Miss P. chatted with a nice looking cyclist who was wearing the same jersey as hers.  Too bad he had other plans....

We lost the sun (not be found until the climb into Eurkea Canyon) after the rest stop in the park with the blue balls.  It was somewhat chilly today.  Good thing, wait, wait for it, note to The BF, that I was wearing wool.  Here I am in Corralitos before the climb up Eureka Canyon. A male cyclist said to me, "You're pretty."  Sweet.  Take note Boyfriend

Flowers everywhere today, here as Miss P. and I began the climb up Eureka Canyon.  The photo doesn't do justice to the beauty we experienced.  We also saw daffodils, a few poppies, and some other lovely flowers, making our ride just swell.  I learned by the way that you can get water from the, wait, wait for it, fire station on Eureka Canyon.  I was worried that I'd bonk climbing the canyon but Miss P. and I hammered up it despite the less than desired road surface.  I do believe the mountain bikers enjoyed my singing. 

As I came into the home stretch at Old Santa Cruz Hwy., my favorite frenchman was waiting to escort me back to the car.  Note to BF:  what a nice finish, eh.

I am, of course, delighted that The BF has a new biking buddy and I hope he enjoyed his ride.  We enjoyed ours. 

Just the stats:

4868 feet of climbing
57.67 miles
10.2 avg mph
31.5 fastest speed
5 hr  37 minutes (not bad)

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