Saturday, July 18, 2015

Different Ride Leader, Same Bike Buddy

Where to begin?  Miss P and I wanted to do a different club ride today and boy, we sure did.  Our group, 5 men, 2 women, I rather like that ratio, started at Crystal Springs and made our way over to Skyline and onto Sweeney Ridge (a climb we haven't done).  Mr. G. joined us as well!

A section of Sweeney Ridge.  Before we got there we meandered through neighborhoods as well as the San Andreas Trail.  Much of today's ride involved climbing.  And more climbing.

Coming down Sweeney Ridge.  Every view was spectacular.  I shot many photos and couldn't decide which to share.

More of Sweeney Ridge.  In Colma, we encountered cemetery row -- pet cemetary, Chinese cemetery, Serbian cemetery, and on and on. We continued on to the next climb -- San Bruno.  

Eventually we made it to San Bruno and we rewarded with exquisite views.  Next, we shot off through more neighborhoods to return to Skyline.  Did I mention climbing?  Our legs were certainly getting a work out today.  A lot of the ride also included strong headwinds.  We eventually made it to Sawyer Camp Trail and returned to Crystal Springs.  We saw a family of deer (well, I don't know that they were a family) taking a nap.  I would have liked to have joined them....

We asked for something different, and we were not disappointed.  48 miles and 4200 feet of climbing.

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