Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Feet

Boy have I changed.  Ha ha.  Happy goat.  Missed the perfect shot of it stretching on its hind legs to reach something in the trees.  Oh well.  Club ride today, doing something different, exploring Evergreen area, mostly rollers and climbs (San Felipe, Mt. Pleasant).  Nice to change things up and bike in unfamiliar San Jose neighborhoods.

Ah, yes, that's more what I look like.  I bought my Sidi biking shoes back in 2006.  Never thought to replace the insoles.  Let's talk about an A-Ha moment.  Hello.  Ding ding ding.  Light bulb flashing in the thing upstairs sometimes referred to as my brain.  Illuminate.  Thanks to Miss P's suggestion, I went to Sports Basement (excellent customer service; really helpful) and picked up pair of Superfeet.  Otherwise known as Happy Feet!

We had a really nice bunch today for Diane's club ride.  A perfect fit.   Here we are on San Felipe, I think.  I appreciated the conversations, discovering how much we had in common despite being strangers.  The weather was delightful and the ride stress free.  We saw goats, wild turkeys, and a baby deer in someone's yard, trying to meet up with its mama on the other side of a fence.

A happy woman on a Sunday bike ride enjoying her Superfeet.

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Alison Chaiken said...

I'm starting to feel the cleat screws in my Sidis, so I guess I need Superfeet too.

I've always enjoyed the lower Mt. Hamilton rides that Art Cruz leads. Clayton, San Felipe, and the others in the area are all low traffic and pretty.