Saturday, July 4, 2015


I'm not one for tradition, simply because my lifestyle hasn't really allowed for that sort of thing, and well, I like changing things up.  It's how I feel I grow.  Having said that, I do appreciate doing something that has been done before and has a pleasant memory attached.  What am I babbling on about?  Well, the club's annual 4th of July pancake celebration of which I've participated the last several years.  This year we sang "America the Beautiful."  You know what, that was sweet.  We also took a moment to think about Ahmed, our VP, who crashed the other day.  He broke his collar bone and sustained a concussion.  I appreciate being in this club and the friends I've made.   

Miss A, Miss P, et moi, set out to do Donny's ride, but, being rebels, we changed the route.  It was hot and we felt it early on in the ride.  My toe, being a klutz, I injured it last weekend, was acting up as well.  We are women who know ourselves well,  know what we want and for the most part, just do it.  Oh lookey, well, you can't see, but Mr. G. joined us as well.  How super.  The gang together, except The Boyfriend was not present (on a business trip).   On our ride over to Stevens Canyon, we encountered a rough patch of road and unfortunately, we came across a firetruck and firemen attending to a cyclist who had crashed.  Let's hope she's okay.  When we got closer to Montebello, we said, so long sucker, not in this heat.  We decided to do Stevens Canyon (shade and breeze), Mt. Eden and Pierce.  Miss A. took us past the end of Stevens Canyon to this lovely bridge.  I love my biking budettes.  They're the best.  I managed to do 37 miles.  A swell time with people I care about. 

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Alison Chaiken said...

For once, meeting firemen was not a happy occasion.

On the way home, I felt a hunger pang as I approached a farmstand on Foothill. I pulled over, "How much for two apricots?", I inquired. "They're on us!" the farmer, from Patterson said. Happy 4th to everyone!