Saturday, July 25, 2015

Climbing a Few Classics

Today, my budettes and I climbed Old La Honda along with lots of other cyclists. 

Miss P remarked that this marker is similar to what they do in Europe.  Cool.   Don't know how long it's been there since I haven't climbed OLH in quite some time, but thank you! We continued along Skyline to our next climb.  Wait, wait for it, what would a bike outing be without a firetruck passing by.  No doubt they missed my presence in the area .....

What next you ask?  Bear Gulch West of course!  Sigh, a local resident, getting his mail let us know that he'd use his shotgun or buckshot or some such misguided phrasing and shoot us if we trespassed.  I'll take the invasion of the aliens over him any day.  We finished the ride by descending Kings Mountain.  I visited The Boyfriend afterwards; he was unable to join us, unfortunately.  Had he, he would have been like Miss A., dancing circles around us.  Still, we got up the climbs and had a swell time.

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