Saturday, July 9, 2016

Biking with the Birds

I biked to the airport this morning.  After a tearful adieu (not really) with The Boyfriend at SJC, I got back on Guadalupe Trail onwards to Alviso, promptly forgetting all about The BF (he's off to Utah for a mtn biking trip).  Plus, well, there was a bit of eye candy along the trail....

Perfect day bike around the Bay.  I took many photos but none captured the beauty or how you can see Shoreline, Moffet Field, the bridges, the cotton candy clouds hanging in the mountains near San Francisco and so much more.

Oh lookey, Swan Lake.  Haven't a clue what they were doing.

Oh lookey, a glam shot of me.

See the bird flying midstream, the two upstream, and the one all by itself.  I saw so many birds today. 

I wish you could have seen how the water was sometimes blue, then orange, and red.  Sediments?  Algae?

I planned to hang out at the "beach" but it was a bit overcrowded with birds.  A delightful adventure today.

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