Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Coming into Cambria

Monday, May 15th

The start of another cycling vacation with The Boyfriend, arriving in Cambria.  But first, we spent the night before in King City at Motel 6 and feasting at Denny's.  "Nothing but the best for my woman," so said The BF.  Wow, who could ask for anything more .... though I admit, the meal at Denny's was alrighty.  Especially since it was the only joint open.  We arrived bright and early to begin biking in lovely Cambria, doing a favorite loop that goes along Highway 1 to Cayucos and Old Creek Road, and onward to Santa Rosa Road.

The winter rains provided us with a lot more greenery than we've seen in previous years. We stopped in Cayucos at our favorite cafe to eat their delicious cheese and bacon quiche.  With our bellies full, we were ready to speed along.

The lake was full.  I stopped and danced on the side of the road.  A woman driver stopped to see if we were okay.  How nice but gosh, could she not tell that I was not in distress!

Lush and beautiful.  I don't have photos, but, we came across some odd trees and wondered about them.  Turns out they were avocado trees.  Who knew!  I don't know why I thought avocados grew in the ground like potatoes.  Omg, I got a flat tire.  Occasionally, The BF proves useful ... he fixed my flat.

This was the first time doing this ride that we encountered wildflowers.  It was spectacular.  A great way to start our vacation. 

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