Friday, May 26, 2017

Mt. Baldy with the Amgen TOC pros

Thursday, May 18th

Just like last time in 2012, the weather was perfect unlike yesterday's forecast, as we climbed Glendora Mtn. Road to arrive at the junction to watch the Amgen TOC fellas come flying through.

Me all glammed up and pooped from climbing to the junction.  The Boyfriend worried we would not get there in time since I was a tad bit slow.  I swear, I was ready to fire him.... Of course we made it with time to spare and for me to flirt with some nice guys who gave us all kinds of tips on where to bike in the area.

Good thing the nice police officers suggested we move our bikes and ourselves a wee bit because boy, the fellas and the cars came flying through and quite close to us.  It was pretty fast and over with quickly.

There they are (well it's hard to see) flying down Fork Road.  We would soon be traveling down that road ourselves.  It's simply spectacular.

Down and down we go.  It's a beautiful road, not technical, allowing for one to take in the beauty.

Here comes The Boyfriend. 

Crossing a bridge.  Appreciating the water from the winter storms.

The ride was wonderful.  You follow the water for a long time, going down and down until finally reaching Glendora.  We topped off the evening at a nice bistro on Route 66.  Tomorrow we're off to Santa Barbara.

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