Saturday, May 27, 2017

Color Me

Here in downtown San Jose at 7:30am getting fired up to do the 5K Color Run.  I'm covered all in white hoping to get splashed with color.  Plus, they told us that fair haired and fair skinned people tend to stain more than the others and that it can last a few days; so, weenie woman that I am, I made sure to cover up.  I know how glamorous I look....

And we're off.  Rosa and I shot off ahead of our teammates, The Literary Strides.  I know, I know, librarians, what can I say....

Color blast!  It was a trip.  We walked through the color stations hoping to get really sprayed.  But mostly we ran.  We never prepare for these things.  We just show up and wing it.

Going through the foam station was the best! 

Love this mural.  Oh yeah, about a mile into the run, I turned my head for a second and the next thing I know, I crashed into a girl and we both went down.  It was a blur.  The girl apologized.  She was just standing in the road.  Who stands in the road at a race! Luckily my head didn't hit the asphalt.  My elbow did.  Road rash.  Omg, poor Rosa had to listen to me scream the F word multiple times afterwards.  But no time to waste, so, off we darted.

Before we knew it, we finished.  Time to dance.

The Literary Strides posing at the end.  Best 5K ever.

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