Monday, July 30, 2007


Sunday bike ride report:

Snapped a photo of San Jose from top of Sierra Road. I had to walk parts of Sierra but eventually I made it to the top where The Boyfriend was waiting and waiting....
Today's ride took us from Sierra Road to Calaveras Road and Reservoir, over to Sunol and Niles Canyon; about 48.5 miles. I averaged 11.5 mph and that number would have been higher had we not included Sierra Road. I found this cyclist's photo of Calaveras when it is green and included it in this post.

Also affecting our speed today -- the appearance of "chipping." Chipping, you ask, what's that? Ah, apparently, chipping is a British word and what we understand as gravel. You see, Calaveras was strewn with chipping, slowing down our speed. Okay, then, your inquiring mind wants to know: What is their term for paint chippings? Heck if I know.
Next weekend, we're off to do the Marin Century (though I'm doing the metric).

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