Saturday, October 25, 2008

LKHC Bear Gulch

See the beams of sunlight in the photo above? When I was little, I would walk into the light believing it was God showing me Heaven on Earth. Bear Gulch is a beautiful ride and a slice of Heaven.

Well, I charged up the hill in the last wave, all gung ho, passing several cyclists, and prepared for the strain. (The Boyfriend gave me a debriefing earlier in the week about what to expect). And then the little engine that could (that would be me) overheated.

I had to clip out and walk a bit all the while thinking that you'd read about me in some magazine while waiting in line at the supermarket, you know, "Cyclist spontaneously combusts." If this is what I can expect when I get hot flashes some day in the not too distant future, then please, just shoot me now.

Once in the shade of the woods, the rest of the ride was a piece of cake. By then though, it was too late to catch up to anyone. Still, a lovely ride made even nicer by hanging out with the LKHC gang. See results and photos.

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