Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attack of the Butterflies

There I was in the countryside on a little bike ride because I had the day off when out of nowhere came The Butterflies. These were no ordinary flutterers. I tell you they wore fighter pilot helmets and bomber jackets. No doubt Pixar rejects seeking revenge having lost out on parts for Top Insect and deciding to take it out on me. Easily six at a time flying into me. I kept expecting them to splat on my arms but thankfully this did not happen. So distracted was I by them that I don't recall the ride I did other than enjoying being sprayed by sprinklers on Silver Creek. Next up, the bike tour Saturday.


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Alison Chaiken said...

The butterflies are dieting and are therefore in a piss-poor mood:


Northward-migrating painted ladies can travel the distance from Bishop to Davis in three days, surviving on yellow-fat reserves in their bodies, according to a UC Davis researcher's Web page on the butterflies.

The butterflies do not stop to feed or mate until they have burned up their reserves, carried over from the caterpillar stage.

Prolly the poor critters just wanted to steal your shot blocks.