Sunday, March 29, 2009

Social Sunday

I took up P's suggestion to go on a gentle 20 mile ACTC ride. Besides, Mighty Me decided to save herself for the upcoming Ball (Cinderella Tour next Saturday). The day was not as warm as yesterday and we had a bit of chilly breeze but everywhere, there were signs of spring, including the flowering tree above next to my home.

There were 5 of us on this ride and I quite enjoyed the leisurely pace (Gosh what a surprise you say). Our route began at the Sunnyvale Community Center, over to Los Altos and up Moody Road, pictured above. The last bit of Moody before intersecting Page Mill Road was certainly a challenge, reminding me that my lower back wouldn't ache if I would do sit ups. It dawned on me that I might be persuaded to do more climbing if I knew that a male masseuse would be waiting at the top to take care of me. Is that too much too ask?
It is my understanding that there will be Prince Charmings to wait on us at the rest stops on the Cinderella tour. Oh goody.

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