Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good to Know

A day without rain! As I approached "The Wall," I ran into Team in Training members. So I told them that I was in training, too -- training to be lazy.

Please, please I said to them, no photos.

One man needed encouragement as he climbed so I told him to watch my tushy wiggle as I sang to him, "Cause I'm TNT, I'm dynamite...." (AC/DC). The Boyfriend, who is on a business trip, is, no doubt, shaking his head ....

A sign on Calaveras. Good to know.

Lookey what came in the mail today! It's official. I'm going to the ball! I've never done this tour and I'm looking forward to it, hoping to ride with P, perhaps. Of course I need to practice more of my lazy training if I'm going to attempt the 95 mile route.

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Alison Chaiken said...

The Cinderella was one of the more difficult events I did last year. The wind on the Central Valley section was a killer! I recommend starting as early as possible, as there are a lot of wobbly beginning riders out later in the day, and the winds only get stronger as the atmosphere warms up. Someone actually ran into me at a stoplight near the start of last year's event!

As someone who values safety over, ahem, zaniness, I don't plan to ride Cinderella again. The Primavera runs over a lot of the same roads and is better managed.