Monday, July 5, 2010

All is Not Lost

The BF: Whatcha doing today?
Me: I think I'll go for a swim.
The BF: Ah yes, in the bathtub, right, where it takes 50 laps to do 1/4 mile.
Me: It's called a pool, Mister.
The BF: Ah yes, a pool built for the weenie people of the world.
Me: Grrr. But it comes with a pool boy decked out in tight lycra.
The BF: I come decked out in tight lycra.
Me: Yes, but do you serve coconut infused alcoholic drinks with those cute paper umbrellas?
The BF: Oh, I'll serve you up something good Missy.
Me: Yeah, like what?
The BF: Not fit for your blog. Be ready at 9am.
Me: Oooooh. I might forget about the pool boy.

The Boyfriend, who's been out of the picture recently due to a heavy travel schedule, took me in his chariot over to Santa Cruz where we planned to bike along Hwy 1 over to Pine Flat and Empire Grade. Alas, the coastal fog zapped our cycling plans no matter how far we traveled north.

But, all was not lost as The Boyfriend brought me a bouquet of flowers. Like he said, that's about all I can write because the rest is not fit for this blog entry. :)
Now, about that pool boy.....

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