Saturday, July 10, 2010

To the Wall and Beyond

While AC and The Boyfriend cycled at warp speed, I went my usual weenie pace as we climbed Old Calaveras, The Wall, Calaveras, Welch Creek, into Sunol and back to Felter and Piedmont.

Along the rollers of Calaveras, we saw lots of other cyclists. I belted out show tunes no doubt to the delight of all who crossed my path. The Boyfriend no doubt was delighted to have missed the show.

While AC and The BF climbed Welch Creek, I shot photos of flowers. I, however, was not a complete pansy. Drum roll --- no laughing but I finally got up the steep part of Old Calaveras, well, 99% of it. Making progress!

AC descending the last bit of Welch Creek! The BF noted that that the road has been repaved. Good thing since it's included in this year's Low Key Hillclimbs.

AC and The BF heading back. We planned on biking to Sierra (summit) as well but the heat finally caught up to us. They did 53 miles in 4 1/2 hours to my 43 in shorter time. Sigh.

Just the stats:

43 miles
29 mph descent
11 mph avg
3 hr 53 min

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