Saturday, July 24, 2010

Me on Montebello

The Boyfriend was unable to bike with me today. We had planned to join an ACTC ride, one involving many difficult climbs. Like I was going to do any of them....

What to do, what to do with him out of the picture for the day? Go back to bed? Tempting. No, no, no, I tossed the bon bons aside, put on my best Billy Idol snarl and tackled Montebello.

I had to stop a few times because of over heating. Go Menopause. Wait, me pause from men? And then, this really good looking guy came whizzing by.

Me: I'm soooo hot.
He: You can do it. Why don't you follow me?
Me: Well, if you insist, (licking my sticky lips).

Just yesterday, I told The BF I am a leader. Sometimes though, it's best to be a follower.... Of course, he was soon out of eyesight but it was fun while it lasted.

Ah, what a view on the way down. A cyclist stopped and asked if I wanted my picture taken. Hmm, what cyclist stops on a great descent? Clearly, he wanted to flirt with me. The BF is shaking his head as he reads this post.

Biking back on Foothill Expressway and Stevens Canyon was refreshing after baking in the sun on the climb. Somewhere on the ride, I managed to do 29 mph max but my average was 9.4 mph for the 21 mile ride.

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Alison Chaiken said...

You should have to come to Montebello on July 4! Much better than those silly reservoirs. I'm meeting a friend to ascend Montebello at 7 AM again tomorrow, having just climbed it last week. There are some roads of which I never tire.