Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday in San Benancio Canyon

Reporting to The Boyfriend who is holed up in some rainy European locale --

Me: I drove to Salinas to meet P and M for a super ACTC ride.
He: Where did you go?
Me: We rode San Benancio Canyon and Corral de Tierra off Hwy 68.
He: I spent the day watching rain.
Me: The rodeo was in town!
He: You don't say.
Me: Time to lasso in a cowboy!
He: I thought you were into firemen.
Me: Didn't anyone ever tell you that variety spices up one's life?
He: I'm a nice varietal.
Me: Yes, but you're there, and I'm here ... speaking of which ....
He: How many men did you meet this time?
Me: Well, you see, P and I were on the side of the road and this good looking guy stopped.
He: No doubt to check you out.
Me: He thought we had a flat. Of course that's code for yes he stopped to check us out.
He: Sigh.

Fun to do a ride where I've never been before. Thanks to M for this treat.
Just the stats:
22 miles
25.5 mph descending
9.5 mph avg
2 hr 15 min.

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Alison Chaiken said...

That's an awfully long drive for a short drive. Was it worth it?