Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hiccup on the way to Hicks

The route planned by Miss Millie, one of our club leaders, was to go there (Mt Um above).

But first up Via Santa Teresa/Scenic Vista, a 640' climb in 1.1 miles with Mt. Um once again in the distance. New climb for me and for The Boyfriend too who came along for the ride. Scenic Vista was a bit of struggle but a nice club member helped me get up it. Note to BF: ahem, keep that in mind. Next up -- over to Hicks Rd East (1,120' in 1.7 miles), a climb I have not done in quite some time.

Left on my own after descending Scenic Vista rather slowly, I once again proved that you should not leave me on my own because I promptly got lost. I meandered around and took the time to smell the roses. I figured that if I got hopelessly lost, I'd surely meet a man who would show me the way. Eventually I made it up Hicks where The BF was waiting after having already done Mt. Um. The cooler temperature meant no flies buzzing around one's head as one sweated up the hill. On the way down the other side of Hicks, I hooked up with Dr. G and before we knew it, the ride was over. Short but sweet.

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