Saturday, April 21, 2012

Green Day

The Boyfriend and I climbed Sierra Road and then headed over to Sunol today.   I surprised him by zipping up the first part of Sierra, no small feat thank you very much, only to subsequently wither in the 90 degree weather.  As I stopped to cool down, which I needed to do more than once, a man in uniform, yes, the Sheriff, drove up besides me to see if I was okay.

Then on the way to Sunol, I met another man in uniform, a different Sheriff who also made sure I was okay.   All this attention!  I guess people notice you when you're hot.... Okay, I was hot because it was frigging hot outside.  And biking in the heat was hard work.

The star today though was the landscape, from the startling green everywhere to the cloudless blue sky.

The Boyfriend steamed ahead to Sunol and got me a soda.  Sweet.  He looked hot in his uniform....  He hit 45 mph on a descent and averaged 14 mph.  Meanwhile, here at home, the temperature inside being 82 degrees, I am melting.  I am hot but not in a good way....

Just the Stats:

42 miles
10.1 avg mph
33.5 mph descent
4 hr 17 min

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