Sunday, April 1, 2012

Menopausal on Mines

The Boyfriend and I stopped in Safeway in Livermore on the way to Mines Road so he could have a coffee while I promptly stuck my head in a freezer.  After 15 months of joy, the hot flashes and night sweats have returned.

I rode Mines with my GF Miss P. back in December.  It was the first time for The BF.  The weather wasn't ideal but it wasn't so bad (some wind, a warm sun, but periods of chilliness).  This time around we encountered quite a few cyclists.

Alas at mile 11, after climbing and climbing, I sensed something was amiss.  Ah geez, a flat.  While the gallant boyfriend changed the tube, I whipped out my cell phone to call room service.  Sigh, no coverage.  Did I mention the firemen?  Oh yes, prior to setting off from Robert Livermore Park, a fire truck pulled up.  Hello, Firemen.  Sigh from The BF.  "What, do they follow you?" he wondered.  Of course they do, Mister.

Alas, at mile 22, I sensed something was wrong, again.  Oh phooey, the front tire was losing air. Clearly, we did not remove all the tiny shards of glass.  As much as I wanted The BF to experience the entire Mines route, so serene and pretty with its wide and smooth road, we did the sensible thing and turned around instead of continuing to the turnaround point at the Junction Cafe. Sure, we could (I mean The BF could) change the tube again, and use another CO2 cyclinder, but, clearly, glass was embedded in the tire, and we were facing a sinking ship.

Alas, after 4 miles of biking, I could tell the tire was losing air.  So, the handsome gallant BF once again pumped up the tire while I whipped out my cell phone to call room service.  Still, no cell phone coverage.

Another 4 miles went by and again, I could tell the tire was losing air.  At this point, The Boyfriend took command and brought forth his secret weapon -- his pump.  And this is how the conversation went between a Ph.D and a Masters:

He:  You ain't seen nothing yet.
Me:  Oh really, Mister.
He:  Once you've experienced my pump.
Me:  That's what they all say
He:  You will never want any other once you've been inflated by my pump, Missy.
Me:  I'm beginning to feel a bit flustered.
He:  You'll have the ride of your life.
Me:  I bet I will, Mister.

Indeed, he has some sort of super pump that was able to get me all the way back to the park, where, by the way, a fire truck pulled up with more firemen for me to admire.  Of course I took no notice (well, maybe a litte), after all the pumping I received from The Boyfriend.  Our outing was somewhat different than what we envisioned but it was mostly pleasurable.  I would like to thank The Boyfriend for taking care of me.  He really is one beautiful caring of a man.

Just the Stats (not so bad given the circumstance)

44.28 miles
11.8 avg mph
27.5 mph descent
3 hr 44 min

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Anonymous said...

As funny as ever! Thanks for making me laugh. When you return to finish the route, maybe I won't be spending all my time sleeping and can accompany you.