Saturday, April 14, 2012

Intersection for the TB

I can't believe it but once again the Club let me be a traffic safety volunteer for the Tierra Bella.  This year, I did not have a helicopter flying above me but I did have a CHP.  He came by around 7:45am and said:

He:  I believe you need me.
Me:  I don't need you Mister.  But I might want you later, after my shift ends ....

It was a busy intersection and the CHP was helpful, especially when he put out the orange cones.  We really appreciated having him.  No time to take photos with him.  Handcuffs, that sort of thing....  Darn.  Oh looky, there's The Boyfriend to make sure that I was behaving and not up to no good.  He was too busy noticing my wiggle and bounce and missed the turn.  Along with some other male cyclists ....  I'm sure they appreciated having me, too.   Oh oh, I'm in trouble.

After my shift ended around 10:45am, as much as I wanted to take a nap, I did the 60K.  The sun came out, the sky cleared and the wind was in my favor.   I hope everyone had as nice a time as I did.  My stats almost mirror last year's ride.

Just the Stats:

34.91 miles
14.1 avg mph
31 mph descent
2 hr 28 min

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Alison Chaiken said...

Were you at the Gilroy Hot Springs turn? That's where I was stationed the last two years, although I wasn't done there until much later. I just rode 24 miles, up and down Coe. It was fun to chat with the rest stop crew and Team Spike at the top. Did you see the high-tech tandem Will and Linda from LKHC had?