Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pictorial Panoche

 Spring came today.  Perfect weather to do Panoche Road (Paicines, CA)  with The Boyfriend.

It was our first time on this road, and boy, it was spectacular. 

We reached the summit before going on to Panoche Inn, the turnaround.  Charming inn keeper and a nice chicken salad to tie us over for the return.

Yay, the return was mostly all down hill.  The BF left me in the dust, as he desired to bang it all the way back.  Me, I desired other things ....

La dee dah, I met some guys in a pick up truck who waved to me.  And a guy walking his dog who introduced himeself and wanted to know my name.  Oh, about this time, The BF showed up in his batmobile and I promptly got in the car, not finishing the entire course, but, appreciating that The BF picked me up.  He likes to pick me up.  Okay, he likes to make sure that no one else is picking me up.   He got a puncture but he has tubeless tires so the latex gooey stuff kicked in and took him back with no problem. 

We lucked out with the wonderful weather today.  A very nice outing.

Just the Stats:

49 miles (The BF did just about 60)
11.8 avg mph (The BF did something like 18 avg mph; sigh)
27 mph on descent (The BF did something like 35 mph)
4 hr. 8 min.

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Alison Chaiken said...

What lovely photos! I'm sorry to have missed one of my favorite rides, and just went slowly up Montebello instead. I was compensated by showing up unrushed and on-time to see Philip Glass tonight at Montalvo, which did not disappoint.