Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back on Bache

First time back on the bike.  Yay!  It was very difficult but I was determined.  Still working on health issues but in the meantime, time for fun.  And what better way than to do one of Donny's club rides. 

Hard to see but the gang is waiting for me on Mt. Bache.  We did Old Santa Cruz Highway over to Mt. Bache.  The group continued to Capitola but that was too much for me.  I had a few anxiety attacks which wasn't good for the heart and I felt winded at times but I had the wonderful support of Donny, Joan, and Miss P. to keep me afloat.  Yay!

Two days ago we were in the midst of a mini heat wave and today we had our natural air conditioner, the coastal fog.   I managed 37 miles.  Not going to win any awards in the speed department but I am giving myself a gold star for meeting my goal of getting back on the bike.  


NadiaMac said...

Great to hear that you are back on the bike!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. There's plenty of time to go farther and faster. I'm sure everyone was glad to see you. I had a potluck to cook for yesterday, so I went early with Chris L. this morning instead.