Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meandering to the Market

The route:  Campbell to Roberts Market in Woodside, via Highway 9, Pierce, Mt. Eden, Stevens Canyon, Foothill, Arastradero, Alpine, Portola, Whiskey Hill, Sand Hill, Junipero Serra.  Miss P. and I bike at a speed that is generally not the same rhythm as the rest of the pack, so, on today's club outing, we soon found ourselves on our own.  We bike to our own merry cadence.  Our way.  We made it to the market and back to the start thanks to Miss P.'s excellent navigation skills.  And we had fun even though it was a tad too hot.  And of course, many male cyclists were out and about for me to have fun with and to make things even hotter.  The Boyfriend probably now wishes he had come along.... 

This was my second ride in a month after being off the bike due to health issues.  I'm getting there.  Miss P. did an additional 10 miles. 

Just the Stats:

60 miles
31.5 mph max
12.1 mph avg
4 hrs. 57 min

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