Saturday, July 28, 2012

Um I Did It

Yay, I made it up Hicks East (sans flies swirling about my head) and Mt. Um.  Please, please, no applause.  But if you'd like to send over a few boy toys ...   

 Lookey, there it is, looming ahead.  I did stop once on Hicks to catch my breath. 

I didn't do the last bit of Mt. Um.  Miss P. informed me later at the club ice cream social that the road surface is poor and it is the steepest part.  You see, by the time I began climbing, everyone else was coming down off the mountain and I didn't want to be alone and I am not up to speed completely; so, it shall perhaps be a goal for another day.  Photo above and below -- descending Mt. Um.

After the social, I zipped over to the bike store to have them take a look at the front brake release.  It was stiff and hard to release.  First, the very pretty young sales girl said my bike was just smashing.  Thank you, I think so, too.  Then she asked how I felt about the SRAM Apex gears.  Love 'em.  Then she took me to the bike mechanic.  OMG, he was so handsome and 7 feet tall.   Okay, maybe 6'5

Me:  I need some service.
He:  I bet you do.
Me:  It's the brake release.
He:  My, it's tight.
Me:  Yes, I know.
He:  I'd like to show you have to do it yourself.
Me:  Oh I already know how do it myself.
He:  I see.  Let me get my tools.
Me:  Can't wait.
He:  Is it hot in here?
Me:  Quite hot.

He was ever so impressed that I did the two climbs, even if I didn't quite make it to the top.  As it turned out, he needed a teenie weenie tool and he couldn't locate it.  So I left the bike with him.  He called later to let me know that the release needed some lube and that he cleaned out some grit and dirt, too.  I wasn't charged because I had mentioned earlier that later in August, I would need a tune up.  Super!  I did indeed receive excellent service.  Tomorrow, I'll pick it up.  Alas, he won't be there. 

Just the stats:

43 miles
10.6 avg mph
32 mph descending

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Alison Chaiken said...

Great photos as always, Christine. The road looks steeper in photos than it seems when you're riding it. Sorry I didn't stop to chat with you on Um, but I had to get over and scoop the ice cream and was already late. I did make the ranger at the top laugh by thanking him for blocking the road and allowing me to stop ascending.