Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beat It

I spent the morning in Woodside being a volunteer with Beat the Clock, a time trial event that raises money in the fight against cancer.  We had a good show of support today with male and female cyclists out to strut their stuff and contribute to this cause.  OMG, a fine looking cyclist gave me a smile as he took off from the starting line.  And another guy winked at me.  I practically peed in my panties.  I think they appreciated the attention, me jumping up and down and being all girly.  Really though, I was more interested in observing the female cyclists soar.   Go chicks!  Besides,  I have a boyfriend and he's a mighty fine peacock who struts his plumage nicely, thank you very much.

Afterwards, I went on a hike with Miss A and Miss M and her dog.  We went over to Alpine Road and encountered quite a few mountain bikers.  It's the route The Boyfriend often does when he's out on his mountain bike.  I want a mountain bike.   A Specialized FSR Myka full suspension.  With zebra stripes.  And a dash of purple.

Miss A. was a very berry babe and ate a few.  Not me because I'm weenie and probably would end up with food poisoning. 

Miss A was a fearless leader who took us through the wood safely.  We did almost 5 miles.  Thank you Miss A for suggesting that I volunteer for Beat the Clock.  Any time we get involved, whether with this particular event or something else that moves you, we contribute to a better world, wouldn't you agree.

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