Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Baby

A year ago, The Boyfriend and I stumbled upon the first ever Santa Run Silicon Valley, an event to help support our wonderful Christmas in the Park, considered one of the top ten displays in the world.  I jokingly said I would enter the 5k race next year.

Well, here I am.  Did I do any training to prepare for this race?  Ho ho ho ho my belly laughs.  Um, I showed up.  Met my friends and waited for Rudolph and the other reindeer to whisk me away in their sleigh.  Didn't happen.  I expected to walk and maybe run a little bit and hopefully finish the 3 mile course in 45 minutes if I was lucky. 

I don't know what happened but I shot off like a reindeer on steroids.  Okay, a bit of fancy.  I started running (also known as jogging) and essentially never stopped.  I was like, yo Santa, yo Elf, get out of my frigging way.

There's me.  Sweat was pouring off me.  My thighs felt like cement.  I kept pace with this wonderful woman wearing bells and every time I heard her bells, I kept pushing myself.  Running in costume, among a sea of red Santas, some in tutus, others wearing antlers, and so forth, cracked me up and made the event funny and memorable and enjoyable.

I called The BF and said, I'm just about finished.  Actually it was more like I was high as a kite and yelled something crazy into the phone and thank God he understood. He had only just arrived and barely made it to the finish to snap my photo.  It was wonderful to have him there at the end.  Wonderful.

They had milk and cookies for us!  The first place finisher's time was 16.56.  As for me, I exceeded my expectations.  Don't go there, please as to what constitutes expectations....  Results are here along with an interesting graph.

I received a present later but I can't blog about that.

Just the Stats:

Finish:  33.58 with a pace of 10.57
I placed 1,035 out of 3143 finishers

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Alison Chaiken said...

Nice work! Are you keeping the costume? Can we view the photo of the BF on your lap? I rolled around Felton-area hills with usual recent ride partner and then went to an Xmas party at a posh mountain mansion. No one timed us, but Felton-Empire sure is a longer climb than it used to be.