Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tis the Season to be Cold

I wanted to go on  Miss P's club ride but I got stuck with The Boyfriend instead.  Oh oh, I'm in trouble ... Truthfully, it's too cold for 9am starts.  All this week and last, I've braved the cold temperatures on the, wait, wait for it, 1.4 mile ride to work.  Here I am trying to entice The BF with black silk stockings and what's that, could it be Mistletoe above me.  Okay, I'm rolling up wool leggings and top of wool leggings along with two wool jerseys.  Wool, it does a body good.

We intended to bike to Sunol from Cardoza Park in Milpitas.  I amazed myself by getting up Old Calaveras and The Wall.  I attribute my success to the 3 flat miles of biking I do every day to get to work.  Alas, we did not make it to Sunol.  We managed 20 miles.  The BF never felt warm.  I have been trying to convince him about the pleasure of wool and how it does a body good ....  It's not my kind of weather so I have sympathy for him.  Wool stays dry and that's the difference. 

Later, I went to Sports Basement to pick up my costume for tomorrow.  I had ordered a size small but apparently I didn't get the memo that small was for elves.  The girls behind the desk were quite impressed with my abs. and exclaimed what great shape I was in.  They wanted to give me a candy cane.  Which reminds me of last night.  You see, there was a slug on one of my celery stalks.  Funny thing, I had just finished reading an article about introducing delectables from other parts of the world, into our country -- you know, like crickets, horse, and guinea pig.  Not going to happen anytime soon for me .... 

I plan to be naughty and nice for tomorrow's event.  More importantly, it begins at 3pm.  The temperature should be just about right.

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