Saturday, December 21, 2013

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

A favorite character of mine is The Grinch.  Alas, though, plant me downtown at Christmas in the Park and I get a little misty seeing kids having a swell time.

Our tree.  My camera does not do it justice.

Each year, The Fairmont San Jose has wonderful holiday displays - this year a gingerbread house.

Last week, I did the Santa Run to help support Christmas in the Park and Downtown Ice, the ice rink surrounded by a circle of palm trees, a classic California scene.

Ah, Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph's.  Miss E asked me to join her for this evening's Season of Hope concert -- her friend, a handsome tenor whose voice brought tears to my eyes was performing.

An interior view of the church.  Lovely concert.  Lovely time with Miss E and her family.

Last year, I joked about Reindeer of Troy in my neighborhood.  Well, somehow, this year, it kinda looks pretty.  My neighborhood is swell and they put up with me, The Grinchie.  Recently, we welcomed Garden to Table, a wonderful project to build sustainable organic farms in urban areas to help our less fortunate neighbors.   Right on my street.   Just another of my favorite things ....

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