Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nice Way to Celebrate the 4th

My once a year pancake breakfast with fellow cyclists before taking off to do a 4th of July club ride.  Different this year -- The Boyfriend was in town and joined me.

The route:   starting from the church on Hamilton and Leigh, we planned to climb Montebello, Redwood Gulch, Bohlman (well not really; perhaps in your dreams but not mine), Sanborn Youth Hostel, and then return through Saratoga and Los Gatos back to the church.

Miss P. went off to do Redwood Gulch while The BF and I climbed Montebello.  The BF stayed with me as I sang loudly and probably badly.  omg!

What and who do you suppose awaited me around one bend on the climb?   You guessed it.  A fire engine complete with handsome firemen.  omg!

The BF is now convinced that they track me down and that my blog posts contain the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

At the top of Montebello (whew glad that sucker was over with), we met up with fellow cyclists and Mr. G.

The BF decided not to do any of the remaining climbs.  omg!  I was so disappointed.  Not!  My lucky day, eh.

We deviated from the route sheet, climbing Mt. Eden instead (recently paved and a delight), and then, descending Pierce, past the million dollar homes with some of the prettiest gardens I've seen (and clearly native and drought resistant plants).  Nice.

The BF wanted to stop not once but twice for drinks (alas not the kind with umbrellas).  omg!  He almost never stops on a ride.  But the sun beat down upon us and a stop here and there was a good thing.   41 miles later and we were done for the day.  What a nice way to celebrate the holiday!

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