Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adventure in Alum Rock Park

At the start of our hike into Alum Rock Park from  Peacock Gap trail off Crothers Road.  I so want to return to Crothers (a left turn a few miles up Mt. Hamilton) and bike its steepish rollers.

Today's hike was a loop going along the mostly shady South Rim Trail.  We were determined not to get lost as we tend to do on our hikes.  Once again, the weather was mild and we had a swell breeze.

Besides great views, we encountered not too difficult switchbacks and this lovely bridge.  We also encountered to my delight other scenic views, namely the 3 shirtless runners....

We were so proud of ourselves having not gotten lost as we entered the park proper.  And then came the decision, "Hmm, is it this way or that way?"  Of course we got lost.  I asked a woman who swore she knew all the trails blah blah blah and told us to take so and so trail.  Of course we got even more lost.

And this is when the unexpected happened.  A rattlesnake came out of nowhere and it either brushed my leg or grabbed my pant.  I don't really recall.  All I know is that I saw an anaconda as far as I was concerned and I shook my leg violently or maybe I kicked the rattlesnake.  And then I ran. 

My fellow hikers ran down a small hill to avoid the trail and said anaconda.  We were all spooked.  And then, we saw six deer hopping and darting about; that helped calm our nerves.  They were magnificent.

So, we were still lost, obviously on the wrong trail, thanks to said woman who swore she knew all the trails in the park blah blah blah, when, of course, wait, wait for it, I met a man.  No you say!  As said man and I were walking and talking, we passed a restoration area.  I asked him what did he supposed was being restored.  He joked nothing was being restored.  It was to hide the mother ship.  OMG, a fellow friend with an overactive imagination. Loved it.

He showed us the way out.  Enough nature, enough adventure for one day, you know.  6.5 miles.

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