Monday, July 21, 2014

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Sunday, July 20th

Well folks, we ain't done yet with our road trip.  Next up, Lassen Volcanic National Park, and first hike of the day, Lassen Peak.

Start of the climb at 8,512 feet.  See what looks like a trail.  Well, it's not.  That's where idiots decided to venture off the trail, and create what is called The Scar.  In fact, today, rangers were dispatched to capture said bandits, and Miss P. helped by giving them a description of the offenders.  You go Girl.  Please people, respect nature, respect our parks.

It was ever so exciting.  I was determined to do the climb despite suffering vertigo.  Part of the trail is closed due to restoration but we were able to get as far as the Grand View.  Well, I got almost as far ....



Wow again.  Great hike.  But we weren't done.

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